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About Counselling

Whether you are an individual or a couple struggling with a problem, a trained counsellor can help.

Counselling gives you the chance to be heard and the opportunity to talk about difficulties and express feelings in a secure and confidential setting. A positive counselling relationship provides you with emotional support while you develop your own solutions to your problems.

Counselling may be short or long-term depending on the problem, with sessions usually taking place on a weekly basis. This regular commitment ensures the best chance of getting to the root of the problem and resolving issues. A counselling session is normally of one hour’s duration though if required a longer session may be negotiated. Appointment times are flexible and need not always be the same time/day. Counselling is usually face-to-face although telephone and/or email support may be arranged in certain circumstances.

A caring, confidential and flexible counselling service

Maire Campbell

  • Cert. CC & Dip PST (Relate)
  • 01761 221448
  • 0777 900 3168

Michael Adrian

  • BA (Hons), Cert. CC (Relate)
  • 01761 221448
  • 0787 053 4014

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