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Psychosexual Therapy

Sex therapy has been around for over 40 years and has excellent success rates. It is a service which is regularly referred to by counsellors, GPs and other medical professionals. A psychosexual therapist is a trained counsellor or medical professional with additional training in the physical and psychological issues associated with sexual functioning.

Most people will experience a sexual difficulty at some time in their life. The reason for this may be physically or emotionally related and will sometimes resolve itself. However, if it continues, psychosexual therapy can be beneficial.

A couple or individual requesting sex therapy will, in the first instance, be offered a one hour initial appointment to discuss the difficulty. A further, more detailed assessment may then be suggested. Following this, if therapy is felt to be appropriate, a treatment plan will be designed and clients given specific tasks to carry out at home in addition to weekly therapy sessions. The time commitment required for sex therapy will be discussed and negotiated between therapist and clients following assessment.

Clients will never be asked to do anything sexual in the therapy session

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